Moonshine - Blue Ridge Style
Over the course of a century, mountain distillers went from making "mostly legal" whiskey and brandy for nearby markets to producing millions of gallons of untaxed "sugar liquor" for customers in Philadelphia and similar urban centers.Take a long sip of moonshine's real history.

Full Throttle: Racing and Rodding in Southwest and Central Virginia
The popularity of car racing today is nothing new. Oval track racing in the Commonwealth is over a century old, and Virginians were building and racing hot rods over 50 years ago. Cruise into the past.
Deathly Lyrics: Songs of Virginia Tragedies
A story told in song, the ballad has for centuries been a means for passing history from one generation to the next. Virginia ballads cover a host of tragedies, from military battles and cyclones to train wrecks and broken-love murders.
Great Road Pottery From the American Revolution through most of the nineteenth century, earthenware potters produced distinctive styles of pottery along the “Great Road” of western Virginia and eastern Tennessee. (BRI Director Roddy Moore and his collection of Great Road Pottery were featured on a 1999 episode of PBS's Antiques Roadshow.)

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